Ok so I need to get this out of the straight-up, I'm not a chef, not even close.  But, I do like to cook, sadly I'm not very good at it and I don't experiment with many different things so could hardly be described as having a sophisticated pallet.  So this recipe is probably the most creative thing I know and it's my first attempt at actually writing out a recipe, so bear with me as it's a fairly simple but popular camping or BBQ treat.

What you'll need:

500g Cooked, Peeled and Deveined King Prawns, Australian caught of course

250g Bread Crumbs, you can make your own but out of a packet is just as good and a damn sight easier. 

1/2 Cup of fresh shredded Parmesan cheese, not that horrible powdered stuff that smells like Granddads old sock.

Parsley Flakes, I just use that dried variety that comes in the little glass jars that you pick up at the supermarket.

Ground Black Pepper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Method:

Pre Heat the oven to 180c

 Take a medium-sized baking dish and spread the bread crumbs out in a nice thick layer, add the grated Parmesan, a generous sprinkle of Parsley Flakes and season with Black Pepper to taste.  Use your fingers or a fork to mix all of the ingredients.

Now pour a generous amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil over the bread crumbs and mix through with your fingers.  You want the bread crumbs to be damp, not a gluggy mess.

Add you Prawns to the mix and spread them around until they're are well covered with the Bread Crumb mix.


Grab a baking dish large enough to fit all of the coated prawns in a single layer, apply thin even film of Extra Virgin Olive oil before placing the prawns in the dish.

Now just pop 'em in the preheated oven for about twenty minutes or until the bread crumbs are crispy and brown.  It's a good idea to give the baking dish a shake every ten minutes or so the prawn balls don't stick all they end up cooked evenly.

Allow too cool a little before serving coz those little suckers hold the heat.

You can dip them in mayo or seafood sauce or whatever you like really, just enjoy

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