What is The Great Aussie Pub Trail

I came up with the idea of The Great Aussie Pub Trail whilst sitting on the banks of the Murray River in the town of Wentworth.  We'd been on the road since the 1st April and it was now nearing the end of September, as I reminisced about the last 6 months my mind wandered to many of the small, and not so small country pubs we had visited, there were many.  It hit me, what a great thing to base a road trip around.  Instead looking for the usual tourist traps and planning your itinerary accordingly, search for small country towns and go and visit their pubs... genius.  So it began I started to think about particular regions that have a large number of pubs in relatively close proximity and around that I would base a short article with a review on each of the pubs.  So there'll be places like Mudgee, that has seven pubs all within walking distance.  Or the Murray River region that is littered with small historic towns each with their own pubs that make for a great three to four day road trip through the stunning region that meanders the borders of NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

I hope you find the stories fun, interesting and informative but remember, I've done all of the research myself and such I can guarantee that it is valid at the time of writing and things do change.  You will find the dates each establishment was visited contained within the body of the stories so that will be a reasonable guide as to the accuracy of the information provided but as always do your own research.  If you find any information has changed in relation to any of the pubs listed here, feel free to email me and, if time permits I'll update within the article.    

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