So Who Are We?

No Fixed Address is the love child of a failed attempt to circumnavigate Australia onboard jet-skis.  The crazy idea was first contemplated by Glenn & Lorraine Keating on a Tuesday afternoon at the Sackville Hotel in Rozelle in Sydney's Inner West.  Whilst nursing a couple of cold ales on a balmy October afternoon and watching the local traffic attempt to negotiate the little round-a-bout out the front of the pub, Glenn & Lorraine sat bewildered at the mass populaces inability to successfully work together and make a simple traffic calming device work effectively.  They turned to each other and said in unison 'there must be more to life'.  The roller coaster ride that ensued saw the birth of a concept that became Terra Australis-Girt by Sea, the self styled home made travel adventure documentary that would see the middle aged couple take on the impossible and use jet skis as a method of travel for creating one hell of an interesting travel documentary and break the shackles of a modern day humdrum of life.

Desperate to do something meaningful with their lives Glenn and Lorraine set about cashing in what meagre assets they owned and created a plan....

Upon the couples return to Sydney it took mere hours of round-a-bout watching before the need for fun and adventure struck again, and with it the concept of No Fixed Address was created.  No Fixed Address is different from the rest and is a far cry from the stale old formula of yet another ‘middle aged couple head off on their big lap’ travel adventure documentary, No Fixed Address is a multi faceted adventure travel site that encompasses not only domestic travel but also international travel adventures.  We’ll cover all sorts of interesting topics and ‘how to’ information. 

When Glenn and Lorraine aren’t out exploring the vast world in which we inhabit they can be found in Sydney’s inner southern suburbs in a small nondescript red brick apartment which acts as a launching pad for their many future travel and adventure plans.

The Pinnacle Way
Pelican Feeding
Sign of the Times!
Camel Train
Argyle Dam